Parenting Classes

Whether you're encountering a challenging parenting transition or embarking on a distinctive parenting path, our community stands ready to offer its support.

Parenting for Divorced Couples

A group-style therapy class for divorced parents based on the teachings of Transparenting

  • Learn to effectively co-parent, even in high conflict divorce situations.
  • Gain the tools and information you need to move your family through this period of significant change.

Classes are 2 hours, co-led by a male and female, and are offered twice a month so that each parent can attend without the other parent.
*often recommended or required by Family Court or your divorce attorney

Parenting for Prevention

A parenting skills class, designed for adults, and individualized to meet specific needs of your family (special circumstances, developmental stages, family disruptions, and more)

  • Learn the developmental stages of children, nurturing techniques, positive discipline techniques, appropriate expectations, and other special topics.
  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship with your children.

Classes vary in length, frequency, and structure, as they are tailored to the needs of each family.

Learn and grow with our community of parents.